About Us

HWyk Vervoer specialises in the transportation of a variety of goods throughout South Africa, Botswana, Swaziland and Namibia.

With God as our ultimate provider who lights the way, we have been in the transport business since 1991.  Our business is family owned and currently in the second generation of Van Wyks.   Trust us to show your precious cargo the way…

Our reputation of Christian values, honest trading, on-time service and reliability will successfully move your business through the challenges facing the transport industry of today.   Our motto – “God protects us" – is evident in everything that we do.

Operating from premises situated in Randfontein, Gauteng, the business has a fleet of 110 vehicles.  It ranges from Taut liners, Side-Tippers and Tankers to Brick Trailers, making sure that every need in our client’s specific fields, are met.   The facilities comprise of a modern workshop

(which can serve 10 vehicles at a time), an administrative building, bulk underground diesel tanks and a 40 000 square meter parking area.

All of our trucks are roadworthy at all times. Every vehicle is strictly serviced after each 15,000 kilometers. This is to prevent any delays on orders that must be fulfilled safely and in time. Each driver are intensely evaluated and tested on its driving skills and re-evaluated on a regular basis.  All drivers are tested at random for any alcohol intake.  Our staff is one of our most precious assets and are treated like part of our family.

The fleet is on 24 hour surveillance.  Every motor vehicle is fully equipped with a reliable driver, tracker systems to identify movement, route, speed and stops of each motor vehicle at all times. All this information helps in knowing at all times where the vehicle is and to prevent, overcome or help in time in case of any potential problems.

We make use of reliable clearing agents to supply, the necessary and correct cross border documentation to prevent any delays or difficulties while crossing the borders.

We have a great variety of important clients which make use of us on a regular basis, including Imperial Managed Logistics (IML) and Ezee Tile,  just to name a few.