Diverse Fleet

Local Tautliners or volume trailers
Long-distance Side-tippers
Long-distance Tautliners
Local Side-tippers
Brick Trailers

Excellent Staff & Facilities

Located within the premises are all the necessary facilities needed for the smooth and successful running of this huge transport company. These facilities consist of:

A fully- equipped workshop with 25 workers of which 8 are mechanics.
Spare Parts Shed
A spare parts shed containing all parts needed for the repair of broken or damaged trucks and trailers. Two workers are responsible for the running of this shed.
Washing Bay
A washing bay with 5 full-time washers.
Spray Painting
A spray painting booth with two workers responsible for the spray painting of damaged trucks - especially the damaged cabs.
Tyre Bay
A tyre bay with 4 designated workers responsible for the repair and fitting of tyres.
Administrative & Sales Office
An administrative and sales office with 39 personnel.
Diesel Depot
A diesel depot which at all times contains a volume of approximately 83 000 liters of diesel underground. A dedicated worker is responsible for the filling up of vehicles as they come in.

Our Values

Clean Reputation

When you partner with Hendrik van Wyk Vervoer, you are partnering with a business that’s been in existence since 1991.  We are here to take away the stress of delivering to your customers and leave you with a well earned sense of confidence that we will take care of you. We navigate the maze that is the transport industry – no more calling around to find a carrier that can handle your freight.

Dedicated Team

Mr van Wyk has a decicated team for break-downs.  In the event of a vehicle in the fleet breaking down next to the road, a vehicle fully-equipped with all the necessary equipment is sent out to deal with the problem.

Tracking & Safety

Henk van Wyk Vervoer (Pty) Ltd makes use of modern technology to know at all times where their vehicles are and to prevent, overcome or to help timeously in the event of any potential problem.

The fleet is on 24-hour surveillance with the help of a satellite tracking device which sends a drive report in the event of a vehicle being hijacked or stolen. Every truck or vehicle is

equipped with a reliable driver-tracker system to identify movement, route, speed and stops of each vehicle at all times.

In the instance of for example a driver braking very hard, or the vehicle being stationary and

locked and then starting to move, the satellite tracking system will immediately send a drive

report electronically to management and the problem can be addressed soonest.  Another advantage in conjunction with the satellite tracking device is the fact that cameras are

installed in all fleet vehicles. The camera faces outward, i.e. what happens on the road can be seen; as well as inwards, i.e. the driver’s actions can also be seen clearly.  You can be sure that your cargo will travel and arrive safely.


Our reputation of Christian values, honest trading, on-time service and reliability will successfully move your business through the challenges facing the transport industry of today.   Our motto – “God protects us" – is evident in everything that we do.  He ultimately show us the way, allowing us to show your cargo the way.